Why Buy a Manufactured Home?

You should consider a manufactured house if you are looking to get the most for your housing budget. Construction costs for manufactured homes average anywhere from 20 – 50% less than comparable site-built homes.

Build times for manufactured homes are significantly faster than site-built homes.

Today’s manufactured homes offer the quality construction, modern amenities, and livability you are seeking … at a price that fits your budget!

Where Can Manufactured Homes Be Placed?

Manufactured homes can be placed wherever it is zoned for residential housing; either on private land or in a mobile home park. Wherever a site-built home can be constructed, so can a manufactured home be placed. There does need to be good access to deliver and install the home.

California law prevents discrimination against manufactured homes. If someone tells you differently, it is most likely illegal. CC&Rs can dictate eave length and roof pitch which can affect the ability to comply with such requirements when buying a manufactured home.

How Do I Find a Space In a MH Park?

Park spaces are very rarely empty. If you find an empty space, most likely someone is already in the process of placing a home there and that space is not available. What you will need to look for are older homes for sale. You may need to buy the old home to get access to the space. That old home would then be removed to make way for your new home (we can help with this). Although you’re technically buying the old home, what you’re really doing is buying the right to lease the space the home occupies. This is a consequence of having a tight supply of park home sites. Sales price depends on the market desirability of the park and that particular space within the park – the condition/value of the old house itself has little impact on the price you would pay. You can drive through parks looking for homes for sale, look at listings online, or work with a real estate agent to help you with the process.

What Happens To My Old Manufactured Home? Might There Be a Credit?

No, typically there is no credit to you since it costs money to prep the home to be removed, transported, and disposed of. It is very rare a mobile home park will allow an old home to be placed in their park and there really isn’t a market for old homes, yet you can advertise a “Free Home, You Haul” and you may get takers

Is It True That They Depreciate As Opposed To Appreciate In Value?

Not at all. Manufactured Homes follow market conditions just like site-built homes.

How DO You Keep Your Prices So Low?

In addition to employing the latest and most efficient manufacturing techniques, factories purchase from major suppliers on a national level, which helps keep costs down. And since our homes are constructed indoors, we don’t experience weather-related delays and other cost increases associated with site-built construction.

Is a Manufactured Home The Same As A Mobile Home?

The terms used to mean the same thing; however, the last 10 to 15 years have seen remarkable advances in manufactured housing technology. Nowadays, you’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference between a

manufactured home and a site-built home. If you share the commonly held preconceived notion that manufactured homes are plain, boxy, and rickety, then we suggest you take a fresh look!

What About Garages?

It’s very simple to add either a detached or attached garage. You can even put a large bonus room above the garage for extra square footage and functionality.

What About Energy Efficiency?

Manufactured Homes are significantly more energy efficient than the average site-built home. Federal standard passed in 1992 require all newly constructed manufactured homes to be extremely energy efficient. Today’s Manufactured Homes routinely save homeowners thousands of dollars annually in energy bills. Manufactured homes can also be built to meet “Energy Star” standards.

What’s The Difference Between Modular And Manufactured?

The simplest answer is both are built in a factory, but modular homes are built to the local building code whereas manufactured homes are built to the federal building code. To read an in-depth explanation read here – Manufactured vs Modular

How Long Are Manufactured Homes Expected To Last?

Manufactured homes built today are expected to last a lifetime if they are well-maintained just like any other home since they are built with the same materials as site-built homes. This is why you can now obtain 30 year mortgages on manufactured homes.

What Is The Cost?

The cost varies based on home size and where it will be placed. For instance, set up requirement costs are different for mobile home parks vs private property. Further, the scope of work to complete the project affects the total cost. Here are some costs you will need to keep in mind when purchasing a home:

Home Cost (base price of home plus whatever upgrades you choose)

Permit costs

Transportation cost (transporting the home from the factory to your home site)

Site Work costs (clearing, grading, PGE, septic, well and/or running utility services, concrete work, foundation.)

Installation cost (setting up the home, utilities, and any work you want such as decks, a garage, etc.)

Please give us a call with the details of what size home you are looking for and where it will be placed, and we can give you a price range estimate on what your project will cost.

How About Financing?

There are many financing options for Manufactured Homes, with up to 30-year terms and little or no down payments. Manufactured Homes qualify for most down payment assistance programs. There is also the ability to upgrade your home options to qualify as an MH Advantage Home. This will allow your home to be valued as a site-built home and site-built financing benefits apply. Learn more about this here.

What Is The Process To Purchase a Manufactured Home?

– We will evaluate your site to determine what size home you will be able to purchase.

– Choose a floor plan. Based on the size you will be able to fit on the site, and your budget, you will choose the best floor plan for your needs.

– For private property, once a floor plan is chosen it is best to start the permit process. We typically assist in the process of submitting the application for your building permit for you as a courtesy when you purchase a home from us.

– For mobile home parks, we help obtain permits for the project.

– Choose your house features and décor options. Choose cabinets, countertops, paint, flooring, etc.

– Open Escrow – All manufactured home purchases by state law must go through an escrow. We will assemble all your project costs based on your desires and project requirements. When you are comfortable with the pricing for your project, we can open an escrow account. This is required before placing the home order.

– Order home. The order will be placed with the factory, so you get in the queue for your home to be built.

– Site preparation typically begins shortly before the new home arrival.

– If being placed in a mobile home park, we will remove the old home if applicable, clear the lot, and do the necessary prep work to move the new home into place.

– Home delivered to your site.

– Home installation, along with accessories (steps, decks, garage, etc.), final site preparations (concrete flatwork, final grading), and connect utility services.

– Inspections by the governing enforcement agency.

– Escrow closed, you get the keys!