About Us and Reviews:

In 1999, Statewide Homes was established to provide a source of affordable housing in our community. Home prices had skyrocketed and interest rates were up. There were many people that were looking to purchase a home and could not qualify to do so. This is why we started providing home packages to be built on raw land. The manufactured homes were much less than the existing homes for sale, they were new, and the buyers were able to choose their colors, features and appliances. Over the past 24 years we have completed over 500 home projects, and we still enjoy working with families to create their homes!

Sheri Murray

President / CEO

Sheri Murray is the founder of the company and has an extensive background in mortgage financing. Her mortgage background helps our clients find the best financing options for their construction project. She is also the office manager.

Scott Murray

Vice President and Sales consultant

Scott is very dedicated to helping his clients find the perfect home for their needs, whether it’s their dream home, first home, or second home. It’s great to have someone who is always looking out for the best interests of their clients when it comes to something as important as housing.

Jerry Hanaway

Corporate Officer, Customer Service, and Sales Consultant

Jerry is an amazing professional who really cares about his clients. He is very committed to providing affordable housing solutions that fit the budget of his clients. He takes the time to go through all of the numbers and really help them create their dream home. And it’s even better that he acts as a liaison between the clients and the factory for all warranty needs.

Sherri Willer

Sales consultant

She is an amazing person to work with. Sherri is caring and patient when it comes to building your dream home. Her commitment to working with clients from the start of the project to the very end of the process is commendable.


Ann P.

We recently purchased a Skyline manufactured home from Statewide Homes. We ordered in August 2021 and it was delivered October 2022. There were many delays due to Covid. Scott helped us choose the perfect floor plan for our “cabin in the woods” as our second home. He explained the upgrades so we could make good choices if need be. We upgraded the master tub/shower combination to a stand-alone shower. It came with two shower heads and is much bigger than we anticipated. We upgraded the cabinetry so it was very woodsy. We added the cabinet hardware ourselves. My only complaint is that the factory paints the entire home in a very cheap flat paint and the trim and baseboards look like primer only. I would ask that they mention this to their clients so they can choose either upgrade the paint, if that’s an option, or have their contractor repaint the entire house before moving in. That is not the fault of Statewide Homes. The office staff is very helpful. There is always someone that can answer your questions. If you need a construction loan, they can recommend Land Home Financial which were great to work with as well. I would definitely purchase from them again.

Kathy B.

I decide to wait and write this review until we were in our home for a year so it could be a complete portrayal of our experience. These people are not only AWESOME but can be credited for making our dream of leaving the Bay Area and moving to Grass Valley come true. They helped us find a floor plan we liked and then helped us stretch it, add windows, give me a bathtub perfect for my, at the time, “future” grandchildren, switch the side for the dishwasher, add tile, granite, ship things separate because I wasn’t sure I would like it and made recommendations of things that we may want to do outside of the home manufacturer, because they took the time to know us personally, and wanted us to have exactly what we wanted. I LOVE my home! The contractor they use is awesome and made sure the home was placed exactly where we wanted for the view and changed things up with no complaints when we had a “new idea.” Were there problems? Of course there were but not with anyone at Statewide or their employees. We had a delay because of weather, which they are very upfront about in the beginning and there were things that the manufacturer needed to fix or touch up, a slight delay at the county etc. Statewide followed up on everything and made sure that the manufacturer completed everything we needed done in a timely manner. We couldn’t be happier! Thank you Scott, Sheri, Susan, Jerry, Christine and Gordon!!

John and Marcy Lehman

It is now seven years after our home burned down and Statewide Homes remains right at the top of our list of “SUPERB” wonderful, knowledgeable and caring people. Top notch service, great products, educated advice all combined into a powerfully dynamic team.

Oh – did I mention the service – Believe me, there is no comparison!  Statewide stands behind their word and if there are questions, they get the answers. In our case, they even went toe to toe with the manufacturer of our home to fulfill services promised. Even the contractor they recommended came through as promised. The truth is, Statewide Homes came through with absolutely flying colors! The bottom line is that we now live in a home that we both appreciate and love.

Thank you Statewide Homes!

Jana Leonard:

Thank you, Jerry, for taking so much time to help my dearest friend pick out all the amenities/upgrades to make her new home just the way she wants it.  When her husband passed the year before, she knew she was going to have to down size but didn’t quite know where to start.  You had some very nice models on your lot and you showed her all the things she could do to make it her own.  Your kindness helped to show her that she did have something to look forward to.  We both appreciate how much you and Statewide Homes care about your customers.

Thanks again.