You want to get a complete price of the home in order to compare actual pricing. When a sales person says the price includes ‘transportation and set up’ find out what their setup really includes. Ask if it includes:
dreamstime_l_5392533 transporting the home

  • sales tax
  • skirting
  • piers and pads
  • foundation
  • stairs
  • lose up of the home
  • how many miles does the transportation cover

Other things you need to consider are building permits, air conditioner or evaporative cooler (most if not all manufactured/modular home come with a furnace but not cooling), site preparation and cost to get utilities to your lot if they are not already there.

Some retailers require you to put up a deposit to get a full price quote, and in some instances they do not have to return your deposit if you decide to purchase the home from a different company.

Make sure your sales agent is willing to sit down and answer all of your questions. Is your sales agent willing to help you put together a full cost breakdown? You do not want to go over your construction budget. What is the value of set up and transportation included? The actual value of those services is estimated at about $7,500.00. There are so many variables that it is not possible to quote without having all the final details of the move and installation.

The key is to compare apples to apples, make sure the homes you are comparing have similar standard and optional features.

What does it mean when the transportation and set-up is included in the price?

What does it really mean when a manufactured home retail location tells a buyer the home price includes transportation and set up? Does this mean the home will be ready to move into?

Most likely it means they will cover the transportation up to 50 miles from the factory, and just the marrying of the pieces together.

If special equipment is needed to move the home into the site, this is not covered.

If the home can not be pulled onto the foundation, set down and connected then it will cost the buyer more.

What will the transportation and set up not cover? This will not cover the foundation, skirting, exterior trim, interior close up, interior finish work, steps & landings, hooking up of the utilities, permits, special transport permits, CHP escort or spot time.

When a buyer is purchasing a home it is important they know exactly what the price includes. The best way for a buyer to educate themselves is to ask lots of questions. The buyer should feel comfortable that they know what they are receiving for the price they are paying.