How DO You Keep Your Prices So Low?
In addition to employing the latest and most efficient manufacturing techniques, purchasing from major suppliers is consolidated on a national level, which helps keep costs down. And since our homes are constructed indoors, we don’t experience weather-related delays and other cost increases associated with site-built construction.
And Yet The Quality Is Still Better?

We’ve always stood for top-quality in our products. The people working on these homes have become proficient in their job because they do the same job on each home, thus providing less man hours required to build the home. In addition, we are required by federal law to meet HUD standards, which are set at a higher level than the local area standards required for site-built homes.

What Do You Mean By 'Mold-Free'?

Houses constructed outdoors are affected by rain and other types of moisture. Many of these “new” homes have developed mold problems before occupancy! Our homes are constructed indoors, so you can move into your Statewide Home confident that it is mold-free!

Is a Manufactured Home The Same As A Mobile Home?

The terms used to mean the same thing; however, the last 10 to 15 years have seen remarkable advances in manufactured housing technology.

Nowadays, you’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference between a manufactured home and a site-built home. If you share the commonly held preconceived notion that manufactured homes are plain, boxy and rickety, then we suggest you take a fresh look!

Is It True That They Depreciate As Opposed To Appreciate In Value?
Not at all. Manufactured Homes follow market conditions just like site-built homes.
How About Financing?

There are many financing options for Manufactured Homes, with up to 30-year terms and little or no down payments. Manufactured Homes qualify for most down payment assistance programs. Find our list of lenders HERE. 

What About Garages?
Garages are not included with Statewide Homes; however, it’s very simple to add either a detached or attached garage. You can even put a large bonus room above the garage for extra square footage and functionality!
Can I Make Changes To The Floor Plan?
Yes. In addition to our popular “Stretch-A-House” option, you can also move walls (as long as the proposed changes meet engineering standards).
What About Energy Efficiency?

Manufactured Homes are significantly more energy efficient than the average site-built home. Federal standard passed in 1992 require all newly-constructed manufactured homes to be extremely energy efficient. Today’s Manufactured Homes routinely save homeowners thousands of dollars annually in energy bills. Manufactured homes can also be built to meet “Energy Star” standards.

Can I Choose My Own Colors?

Exterior colors are customizable, in addition to interior walls, window treatments, floor coverings, cabinetry and counter tops. Fleetwood Homes is constantly updating decor options to reflect the latest trends in design, as well as providing a broad line of timeless favorites. You can also choose to decorate the home yourself.

Who Do I Call For Homeowner’s Insurance?

Check out our list of suggested insurers HERE