Benefits of a Manufactured Home


A manufactured home looks and feels just like a site built home, but costs much less! Each home is carefully constructed in a climate-controlled environment, with superior building materials from top suppliers. The result is a home of the highest quality at a price that can’t be beat. Our houses are constructed indoors, so we don’t experience weather-related delays and other cost increases associated with site-built construction.

Quality and Advances in Home Technology

In the last 10 to 15 years, there have been remarkable advances in Manufactured Housing technology. We’ve always stood for top-quality in our products and we are required by federal law to meet HUD standards, which are set at a higher level than the local standards required for site­ built homes. It is not simple to tell the difference between a manufactured home and a site-built home. There is a pre-conceived notion that manufactured homes are plain, boxy and rickety…but not the Manufactured Homes of today. We suggest you take a fresh look!

Market Value

Manufactured Homes follow market conditions just like site-built homes. They do not depreciate in value. The appreciation in value of manufactured homes comes back to the well known real estate axiom — location, location, location. With the proper site and maintenance, manufactured homes appreciate at the same rate as other homes in surrounding neighborhoods .

Energy Efficient

Manufactured Homes are significantly more energy efficient than the average site-built home. Federal standards, which were passed in 1992, require all newly-constructed manufactured homes to be very energy efficient. Manufactured Homes today save homeowners thousands of dollars annually in energy bills and they can also be built to meet “Energy Star” standards.


There are many financing options for Manufactured Homes, with up to 30-year terms and little or no down payments. Manufactured Homes qualify for most down payment assistance programs.